Complete Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Program

Ornamental trees and shrubs are susceptible to a number of diseases and insects in the Willamette Valley. Our plant health care program consists of eight treatments annually to protect against these issues. The first visit in the spray year would be the dormant treatment. This application is made in the winter months and utilizes a horticultural oil to smother over-wintering insects and a copper fungicide to protect against diseases.

The next five spray treatments are scheduled throughout the year beginning in March and will be utilizing a combination of insecticides and fungicides depending upon the time of year and the plant species you have in your landscape.

We also utilize a spring and fall root fertilization. We will be concentrating on the broadleaf evergreens and deciduous trees in the spring and the needle leaf evergreens in the fall. The benefits of root fertilization come from having the fertilizer placed exactly in the root uptake area and because it is applied under pressure it helps to break up soil compaction. Roots need room to grow and compacted soils can hinder their development.

This program will give you good protection from the most common insect and disease issues we encounter in the Willamette Valley. Our technicians are trained to monitor your landscape and will make recommendations as necessary if they see other problems presenting themselves.