Complete Lawn Care Program

Each lawn is different, and we are able to cater our standard lawn care program to suit your individual needs.

Our standard lawn care program consists of six visits annually for fertilization and weed control. Each service is timed to be made approximately seven to eight weeks apart depending on weather conditions. We begin in mid-February with a liquid application using a combination of fertilizer and herbicide. We have found that this gives us a head start on weed control that helps throughout the year. Each subsequent application will be with either liquid or granular fertilizer depending on current conditions. During these applications, we also use a broadcast herbicide as needed to target broadleaf weeds in the lawn.

We can also control the moss growing in the lawn. Our moss control treatment is made in the spring or fall when the moss is actively growing. We apply a soluble ferrous sulphate (iron) that will turn the moss plant dark brown or black. Once dead the moss plant must be mechanically removed.

Soil testing is often recommended to determine deficiencies in nutrients your lawn might have. With the information we receive from the lab, we are able to customize a limestone treatment to balance the pH in the soil to promote healthy growth.

Lastly, lawns on clay soils benefit greatly from an annual core aeration. This service helps to open up the root zone allowing nutrients to penetrate and turf roots to flourish. Aeration can be done in either the spring or the fall.