Poa Annua Weed Control for Lawns

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    Poa annua is an invasive grass that over time will choke out the rye grass and become the predominant species in your turf. The best method of control comes from applying a pre-emergent herbicide to reduce the amount of germination of new seeds.

    Our poa annua control program consists of three treatments annually, two in the fall and one in the spring. To be most effective, we must begin with the fall treatments and then follow-up with the spring application.

    Even under the best of conditions we will not completely eliminate all of the poa annua plants. However we will reduce the spread of this unwanted grass.

    If your lawn is covered by more than 30-40% of poa annua I would recommend that you spray out the entire lawn and reseed with the desired grass species.

    It is very important to let us know if you are planning a turf renovation within six months of the last treatment. It makes a significant difference on which material we are able to use and not interfere with germination of a newly planted lawn.