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    Insects come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Rasmussen Spray Service's insect control programs and services come in as many shapes and sizes and are always custom tailored to your individual residential or commercial needs.

    Codling Moth Control Program

    In order to reduce the number of “wormy” apples it is necessary to make specific treatment to control the adult codling moth. If the adult moth is controlled adequately they do not lay their eggs which turn into the apple...


    Crane Fly Control Treatment

    Adult European Crane Flies are a beneficial insect that are a good food source for birds and other animals. However, the crane fly larvae feed on the shots and stems of the grass plant and over a short period of time they can completely strip turf areas. The grass areas affected will look very thin and there will be a shiny mud appearance. Also, starlings...


    Lacebug Control Program

    The lacebug is a relatively new insect to the Willamette Valley effecting the rhododendron and azalea population. The treatment program calls for three applications at different times of year to address different stages of the insect’s development...


    Systemic Insecticide Injection

    The best way to control aphids in the summer is to utilize a systemic insecticide injection in the winter months to protect the new growth as it emerges in the spring. Systemic insecticide injections are accomplished by placing the insecticide into the root zone of the tree where it is translocated through the...