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    Insects come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Rasmussen Spray Service's insect control programs and services come in as many shapes and sizes and are always custom tailored to your individual residential or commercial needs.

    Barkbed Weed Control Program

    Keeping flower beds free of weeds can be backbreaking work. Our barkbed weed control program creates a barrier in your flowerbeds preventing weeds from popping up throughout the year. This service utilizes pre-emergent herbicide, applied in the spring and fall, to control germination of weed seeds. By making...


    Broadleaf Weed Control Program

    Our broadleaf weed control program consists of applying a four-way, broad spectrum herbicide to kill existing weeds in the turf.  The most efficient program...


    Poa Annua Weed Control for Lawns

    Poa annua is an invasive grass that over time will choke out the rye grass and become the predominant species in your turf. The best method of control comes from applying a pre-emergent herbicide to reduce the amount of germination...


    Sterilant Weed Control for Gravel and Driveways

    Our serilant program consists of two treatments annually to prevent the germination of new weeds and grasses. The first application is made in the spring as the new growth is starting. We utilize a combination of pre and post...