Barkbed Weed Control Program

Keeping flower beds free of weeds can be backbreaking work. Our barkbed weed control program creates a barrier in your flowerbeds preventing weeds from popping up throughout the year. This service utilizes pre-emergent herbicide, applied in the spring and fall, to control germination of weed seeds. By making two applications per year we are able to keep a barrier in place for the best control of weeds. We will utilize a combination of pre-emergent herbicides to control broadleaf weeds as well as grasses.

It works best if the area to be treated is free of weeds prior to treatment. It is also important to apply moisture to the treated area within two weeks of application to properly set the herbicide barrier. This moisture can be from rainfall or through your irrigation system if present.

We prefer to make the applications in March and October for the best results. This way we have material present as new weeds seeds are germinating and as the plants go dormant in the fall. This program will eliminate the germination of most weeds and grasses. We cannot guarantee that there will be no weeds emerging but you will see a definite improvement in how clean your bark beds will be.