Home Orchard Health Care Program

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Our home orchard fruit protection program is designed to treat for the common insect and disease problems and is more preventative in nature than curative.

We will begin with a dormant oil and copper fungicide application that will protect against overwintering insect eggs and disease pathogens. This service is usually made from late November through mid-February depending on the weather.

In the spring we will make two application of a registered fungicide to protect the new growth from shot hole, scab and rust diseases. These treatments will be made about 30 days apart for the best control.

Additionally, we will make two applications of a registered insecticide to protect against the codling moth. We are notified by the Oregon State University Extension Service as to the emergence of the adult codling moth and make the appropriate applications at that time.

The last treatment is a fall copper fungicide treatment as the leaves are beginning to come off and the trees prepare for dormancy.