Arborvitae Program

Arborvitaes are evergreen shrubs that provide great privacy around your landscape. However, they are highly susceptible to mites and damaging insects that can turn the entire shrub from green to brown is a short period of time. Spider mites have a sucking mouth part and they pierce the small leaves leaving a small scar. This scarring is what makes the hedge have the bronze appearance.

Our arborvitae health care program is heavily weighted to the time of year that spider mites are most prevalent. The program starts with a dormant treatment in the late fall or early winter. This is a good over winter preventative application utilizing a combination of copper fungicide and horticultural oil helps to prevent disease issues and also smother overwintering insect eggs.

The four mite sprays are timed to coincide with the normal hatch times for mites. The first will be made in late June or early July depending upon how warm it has gotten. Additional spray will be about 30 days apart.