Rasmussen Spray Service and Covid-19 Response

Rasmussen Spray Service is conducting business based on the best practices of social distancing. The nature of our business does not often put our employees in direct contact with our clients.

Here are some of the things we have implemented to stay in compliance with the social distancing requirements:

• We have changed our employees start times to be staggered so there are no more than two in the office at a time.
• Our employees are solo in their trucks when they are on their route.
• We are calling ALL clients, prior to traveling to their landscape or property, to be sure they are comfortable with us being there. Many of our clients have trusted us to just “show up” at the proper timing, without prior notification, and we value that trust. However, for the time being we will be making those calls.
• Pest control services, outside, will still be performed. For the interim we will not be doing inside inspections, or services, to preserve the spacing necessary and to not place our clients or our employees in a potentially compromising position.

We believe that these processes and procedures will keep us in compliance with the current directives from our state and local government officials. If new directives are forthcoming, we will alter our procedures accordingly. It is our goal to honor our commitments to our clients, follow best practices to prevent exposure and be a good business partner during this challenging period.

We also believe that more stringent requirements are on the horizon to combat the spread of the virus. If Oregon follows the same restrictions as California, it is likely that landscape professionals will be listed as essential services. This designation would allow us to continue to offer services to our clients while still adhering to the current social distance requirements.

We believe that the people of Oregon are vigilant and resilient, and working together we will see this difficult time through.

The employees and I at Rasmussen Spray Service feel very fortunate to be able to provide services and in the interim we will be supporting our hospitality and food service friends. Please take the opportunity to order out and take delivery to support these ‘local’ businesses. They are counting on us more than ever and I want us all to be able to revisit their establishments when this is over.

Best regards,

Greg Ego, President
Rasmussen Spray Service, Inc.
Salem, Oregon